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Personal Shopping

The Personal Shopping Service has been in existence in TOPSHOP TOPMAN, globally since 2010. We currently have 31 stores in operation in various marketplaces throughout the UK, Europe, and the US, with further expansion planned. We offer customers a premium shopping experience, all of which supports loyal customer acquisition, retention and lifetime value of a client.

A Stylist is the younger brother/sister service that offers quick and on the spot styling advice. 

What is Personal Shopping?

So how does it work? So how does it work? >>
<p><span class="searchword">Topshop</span><span> Topman Personal </span><span class="searchword">Shopping</span><span> is a premium, complimentary </span><span class="searchword">shopping</span><span> service, available at selected </span><span>stores. Our customers book an appointment in advance and provide a style brief and our personal shopping team finds clothing that matches what they need.</span></p>

From London to Miami and all around the world we have a number of personal shopping store locations. We are always on the lookout for amazing talent, see all current personal shopping opportunities below...