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Meet Daniel - Head of Global Flagship!


If you are dynamic, driven, innovative, energetic, fun, love service, and with unrelenting stamina to work hard and succeed, then being part of our global flagship team in Oxford Circus is the right place to be.

In Oxford Circus, we strive for excellence, and aim to provide each and every customer an unrivalled high street experience. Every week, we welcome new and returning customers to our brands, and we are constantly working to improve our service, our standards and product offering.

At our core, we care about the customer and value each and every opportunity provided to serve and delight them. Our brands are current, exciting, evolving and as such, so are our people, the foundation of our success.

The pace of Oxford Circus is the fastest in retail. Every day presents new challenges and this can be tough to navigate, not for the faint hearted or work shy. When we get it right however, there is no better sense of achievement and pride. 214 Oxford Circus is truly unique, and we are continually building a collaborative and united team to set new benchmarks and inspire our future.