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Our Global Business

Having dominated the UK high street we thought it was time to take TOPSHOP TOPMAN global. Since opening with our first overseas flagship store on Broadway in New York in 2009, we have grown our global business to 393 own stores and 500+ franchise locations in 42 countries, shipping to a further 139 - and we're still expanding. 

Across Europe, North America, Asia and all over the world, people can’t get enough of our brands. Keeping our British heritage but with a local twist, we love being able to share our product and give customers a unique experience across the world - and that's where you come in.

Expanding globally means great opportunities. New cultures, new people – there’s a whole world of TOPSHOP TOPMAN out there to explore. Our teams get the chance to support new store set-up overseas – the perfect opportunity to do something really different.



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