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The Life of a Merchandiser

Daniel – Merchandiser at Topshop

“The office is crammed – and I do mean crammed - full of our products. The merchandising and buying teams sit next to each other, so it’s easy to quickly grab samples, have a chat about what’s selling, and work on next season’s range. I catch up with my team on sales every morning, looking at new reactions and store performance to decide how much of each product we’ll take forward. How many options? At what prices? I have to flex my commercial thinking here, looking at history, re-forecasting and exploring new opportunities for the department – whilst keeping an eye out for any risks. Striking a balance between what we know works – in the UK and in our stores all over the world – and what we can do that’s different, is really important.

The first time I walked into our HQ I thought: “this is the right place for me”. I worked on the Kate Moss department the first year it launched, and now I’m on Boutique and Unique – a really exciting mix. There’s always a build up to launch dates, and we work closely with teams across the business like Logistics and International to make sure everything goes to plan. There’s the occasional manic day when we’re carrying some of the most amazing pieces down to store the night before. I absolutely love it. To anyone thinking about merchandising, it’s like running your own business – just go for it!